How to Start Your Own Business

This course will help you start your venture fast. In just six hours you will know all the good stuff I've learned in 34 years at the small-business coalface. Experience which cost me millions in mistakes. And you'll have a resource to ask questions as your efforts progress.

  • You'll see how to start fast, with almost no money, with almost zero risk.
  • You'll learn about the pitfalls that kill most businesses.
  • You'll scope out the risks to avoid. (That section cost me millions of rands to learn.)
  • You'll get a new view of marketing to find the people who will buy what you sell.
  • And you'll understand how to sell what you produce. (Whether that's a product, a service, or just plain vanilla advice.)

It's getting harder to find a job. And it's getting harder to keep a job. That makes it essential to know how to start your own gig.

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