How to TurboCharge Your Sales

When each of us starts our own business we usually know a lot about our craft, the product or service we plan to sell. We've spent a lifetime growing those skills.

And we assume that the better we are at that craft the more people will buy from us.

That seems logical, but it's utterly wrong. People buy from those people who reach out to them.

That "reaching out" is what we call marketing. It turns out to be tough for us small business owners. It offends our sensibilities to brag about what we do. Because that's what we assume marketing is.

So many people assail us with so many different ways to reach out that it's impossible to choose. By the time we realise that we've made a mistake, were often closing our doors.

I have spent every waking moment since 1992 looking at how businesses close. Why we close, what we do wrong, and the fallout in our families.

This is the biggest marketing mistake we make. And it means we cannot find enough prospects at a price we can afford.

Fix both these issues and your business cannot fail to leap forward.

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