How to CrashProof your Future Online (via Affiliate Programs)

This course is a practical apprenticeship in building a lifetime offshore income that is safe from all the challenges a local, offline business faces. The goal is to help you create a CrashProofed business that needs minuscule operating costs.

An external income protects against the economic difficulties looming as ESKOM struggles to fix the electricity infrastructure. Our solution reduces dependence on a consistent electrical supply. We use batteries to drive the tools we need:

  • A laptop PC - Windows, Linux, Apple, Chromebook, or even iPad or Android tablet
  • A mobile phone

You will host your entire income engine in Europe or the USA, where the electrical supply is stable.

You will build income streams in stable currencies like the US Dollar, the GB pound or the Euro. Every major currency is more durable than the ZAR. If the ZAR drops, our local income in SA rises.

The markets we will target are international, which means we are free of our local economy and crises it faces.

  • No need to worry about electricity supply challenges because the Internet is online 24/7
  • Access to every market on earth without fear of violence or theft
  • No local business presence to invite interference or destruction by criminals or corrupt officials

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