Mastering Internet Access: Get Robust, Secure Internet Anywhere

There is nothing more frustrating than when your Internet connection goes down. At any time, let alone when it's in the middle of a webinar or a big download.

I tried a bunch of different options before I bumped into Speedify.

In my case, this really kicked off in Spain. I had three different Internet connections, because each was very flaky. And none of the networks allowed me to use Skype, because that protocol was banned.

The connection problems:

  • Your PC only uses one connection at a time, even if it is connected to many devices linking it to the web - 4G, ADSL, Fiber, your mobile phone as a hotspot, or the coffee shop you're sitting in.
  • If that connection breaks while doing something important, your PC will use the next access method it can find, but whatever you are doing disconnects. (Downloads, webinars, videos, etc...)
  • Often a protocol you want to use, like Skype, is not allowed where you are. Spain did not allow Skype while I was there for a year, for instance.
  • You might want to appear to be in a different place so that you can access different services, see what your adverts look like from that place. For instance, I am in Norway, but I often log into a SA server so advertisers think I am in SA.

I've battled this issue for 10 years,. I've tried lots of different equipment. (Expensive to purchase, bulky to carry, and the backing bonding service was $200/month.

Since 2016 I've used a cheap,sophisticated service to:

  • bond all of my Internet connections into one, so that any one Internet connection failing doesn't stop the connection
  • create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) between my machine and a server so that nobody can monitor my traffic, at an airport, or a coffee shop, for instance
  • give me an unbreakable connection to the Internet
  • give me a much better speed than any single connection can offer
  • and costs a whole lot less than all of the equipment I had to use before.

It's a simple snippet of software you install on your machine (Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android) to bond every mechanism to have into a single, fast, robust web connection. (4G connections, wireless connections, and wired connections. As many of these as you can get.

Much of my work happens in the local library. It's conducive to my work style. But it's an open wireless network, not secure. I use this same service there. And I often use a 4G dongle at the same time, just in case one or other fails.

Their free option gives you 2GB of traffic each month. I use 100GB a month, which costs about ZAR 1.50 per day. It's the best solution to this problem, and at a great price.