Dredging Up Ideas

We are often told that we don't know what we don't yet know.

It's worse than that. We don't yet know what we do know!

More than 700 people have already been through this course. Most of them arrived without a single idea about what they might sell online. The video below looks at a technique that allows you to extract a bunch of information about yourself that you have forgotten. It's useful information that will point you at opportunities and ideas. It's cathartic in that it works through your life, looking at all sorts of details, and you end the process realising how much ground you've covered and how much you have already done and how skilled you already are.

The video is about 28 minutes long. I'm afraid it talks about me, because I was the only example I could think of prepare to release the kind of confidential information that I do during this presentation.

Enjoy. If you have any questions, please email me.