1. Introduction, Plan for the Best AND How to Prepare for the Worst

In 1998 Kendal Brown recorded my CrashProof your Business seminar at the UCT Graduate Schoool of Business in the Waterfront.

That VHS video has followed me around the globe. After twenty years I thought I’d check it out again.

Sadly, the machine I need to watch it did not last as long as I have. One needs to visit an antique store to find one. Much easier to ask the local audiovisual experts to transfer it to video to watch on a PC.

I dunno about you but I battle to sit in front of a mirror while enduring a haircut. So I wasn’t sure about watching me prance about in a yellow tie that my daughter says looks like the cat, well, you know, did unspeakable things on.

The soundtrack is still pretty good. I was twenty years younger then and it shows.

But, I wasn’t watching to see how good my moves were. I wanted to see how much had changed.

Nothing! Everything I spoke of remains as true today as it did then.

What ‘dates’ the video is visuals. If I dropped a new set of slides on top of that soundtrack it would still work. That’s the next step.

About the video. The quality sucks. We forget how privileged we are to have high definition video everywhere. This is 774 x 576 - standard PAL TV resolution.