My son studies literature and English at the University of Oslo.

He speaks and writes academic English. He impresses his faculty. He gets great grades. But we don't know what he wants when he asks us to pass the salt during dinner.

Three months ago I tried to show him another style of writing. I shared an email that had produced sales worth more than $1 million for one of my mentors.

He gave it back the next day covered in red ink. He'd marked all the bad grammar.

Could that be why so few of us try email marketing? That needs some writing. Most of us learned how to write at school. That's never worked for us. So we suffer each time we must write now.


There is a fine free app online to improve your writing. It's called Hemingway.

I write 1000 to 2000 words each day. I have done so since 2010. No piece leaves my desk before I run it through this app.

I paste the first draft of every item into Hemingway. Each colour highlights a common writing mistake.

Hemingway tells me how to fix those errors. And tells me how easy it is for you to read the entire piece.

I aim for Grade 4 level. Because its easier to read. And faster. Hemingway helps you write better emails. And craft better website content. And compose better brochures and proposals.

Hemingway offers two versions. I use the online free version. I cannot sing its praises loud enough.

Peter Carruthers