Many firms are pushing hard to get you onto paid training and programs. I get three or four queries each day asking if the claims made in received emails are true.

Some quick answers:

  1. The POPI deadline has not yet been set. From the time Government announces the deadline you have 12 months to comply. That's plenty time for a small business. You can ignore any email that says otherwise.
  2. Small businesses do not need a PAIA manual. (Also known as a Section 51 Manual.) You can ignore the spam email doing the rounds claiming this to be true.

A few weeks ago I wrote about King Goodwill and the MiWay sales fellow. It looks like the King will sue MiWay. Not because the plucky fellow made the call. But because somebody published the recording.

The King faces a challenge right now. In this lawsuit he must do all the heavy lifting. He must prove the company is at fault. This is tough to do when no law yet exists in this field. So he must prove that he has suffered damages.

Roll forward to when POPI is live. All he need do then is sit back and relax while the government uses the POPI laws to prove MiWay is guilty. The government is a formidable opponent. They have deep resources. There is no doubt this would be a breach of the new law. MiWay cannot claim it wasn’t them but an employee. POPI demands they have systems to stop this kind of exposure.

Which means the King could just wait until government has done its job. At huge cost to taxpayers and to MiWay. And then the King could sue for for damages at zero cost but confident he would win.

That’s the way the Act is designed. It's important. But not yet urgent.

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