I've been working on the new CrashProof your Business Revisited course.

The CrashProof your Business seminar launched in November 1995. More than 30,000 business owners have seen the course live, on VHS or DVD, or read the book.

Hint: Don't offer sherry to business owners at an evening event. Not if you want them to stay awake for three hours. I did this at the first event.

The course helps small business owners prosper despite business setbacks.

We focus on structuring businesses so owners do not lose their homes. Or their life savings. Or their dignity. This is controversial training. (Not because it does not work. Because your bank does not want you to know this stuff.)

Re-working the content reminded me of the many challenges of live events.

One of my favourite memories is of the Feathermarket Hall in PE. I was presenting to a small group of 18 people. (PE was always hell to fill.) I arranged the seating in a "U" style. (Think of a square with 6 seats on each side, then remove the one side where the presenter struts.)

Most of the people who attended came straight from work. The men, almost always looked as if they spent the day under a car. The women, usually looking much fresher. And so this one power-dressed lady shone out. The only woman in the room. Tight white blouse, tight short black skirtlet, and black stockings. The whole shebang.

The Feathermarket Hall was not the perfect venue 20 odd years ago. On this occasion they forgot the modesty panels on the tables. (These are the flaps to stop men looking at ladies' legs.) The men on the right spent most of the evening not focused on me. Even I was not focused on me.

I have only once experienced more distraction than this. I'll tell you about that next time.

Nothing I could do got this group back on point. At least not until we spoke about how we business owners should structure our life assurance. (back story: when we walk into that great exchange in the sky our life assurance often does not flow as planned.)

I explained why this goes wrong and how to fix it. This lady raised her hand. The room sighed and stared at her.

She said. "Lets say I structure my husband's insurances exactly as you've laid out. Then I am guaranteed to get the insurance money?"

She got the point. At least one person in room was paying attention.

"Yes," I said. The room smiled at her.

"What if I kill him?" she asked.

The room stopped breathing.

I explained how you may not enjoy the benefits of a crime you commit. In this case the insurance would not pay the proceeds to her. She wouldn't need it anyway. The government would give her lifetime bed and board accommodation.

The rest of the evening went more smoothly. Every man in the room did his best to not look at her. I scanned the PE newspapers for a long time looking for suspicious fallout.

As I reviewed the course content for a new edition of the book a few things struck me.

  • First, the strategies work now as well as they did in 1995.
  • Second, the business closure rate in SA is higher than ever before.
  • Third, an online course is much easier to produce than a book. It's easier to attend than a live seminar. And it does not get lost in the post like a video or DVD.
  • Fourth, an online course allows questions and answers a book cannot.
  • Fifth, an online course reaches business owners in small towns no live seminar can reach.
  • Sixth, if viewers want to drink sherry they can always rewind and re-view the next day.
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