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Most of my clients are Approaching Retirement

Very few small business owners reach retirement age with enough money stashed away to survive the next 25 years.

Our journey towards 65 is often erratic. Many mistakes punctuate it as we try to carve a living for our families. On top of this, there seems to be a constant flow of external disasters affecting our chosen playing field. (Think of COVID and Eskom.)

We don't have the stability our parents had, nor the guaranteed pensions.

Let's look at earning R10,000 from a US Dollar perspective. It is much easier to earn one dollar online than it is to earn R18 offline.

As I write this, R10,000 equals US$570. (Click the links in this section to see today's conversion.)

Example #1.

One sale of a $297 Clickfunnels subscription is worth a commission of US$118/month, which equals R2050 for an affiliate like you or me. (As I write this.) Just five subscriptions sold and you've reached that R10,000/month.

You might not be interested in sales funnels, but more than 140,000 people use this service for their businesses. (And they happily pay that $297 monthly subscription.)

That dollar income is much easier to reach than paying R7300/month over 17 years, increasing at each year's inflation. (If you earn at R500/hour - that's 15 hours/month over 17 years - equivalent to 3060 hours.)

I have one such sale going back five years (equalling 60 payments of $118 equalling R125000).

If you clicked on that Clickfunnels link (my affiliate link) you will notice that I do not have to do any selling at all. My job is simple: give the link to someone looking for that kind of solution. The merchant does all the work of selling.

You will notice that it is a long webpage. That design is on purpose. It was not designed for people not interested in sales funnels. It was designed for someone who desperately wants a sales funnel, and who has lots of questions that need answering.

Example #2.

Writing is a big part of my life. I use a software tool called Scrivener. It is superb but very complex. Joseph Michaels produced a course called Learn Scrivener Fast. I bought the course. He also offers an affiliate program that pays you 40% of any sale made to someone you sent to his page. (Depending on which edition they purchase, your commission ranges from US$50.80 to US$118.80. (That's from R890 to R2100.) This time it is a one-time purchase.

Your job is simple: Introduce the page to someone interested in solving their writing problem. The merchant's job is to produce the page and the process to close the sale.

You will notice that it is a long webpage. That design is on purpose. It was not designed for people not interested in learning about Scrivener It was designed for someone who desperately wants master the tool, but who faces lots of questions that need answering.

The Learn Scrivener Fast sales page is 91 A4 pages long. The last time I looked, that page (and all the previous versions) had sold around 27,000 courses. Our role as affiliates is just to send an interested person to that page.

This course is a practical apprenticeship in building a lifetime offshore income that is safe from all the challenges a local, offline business faces. The goal is to help you create a CrashProofed business that needs minuscule operating costs.

An external income protects against the economic difficulties looming as ESKOM struggles to fix the electricity infrastructure. Our solution reduces dependence on a consistent electrical supply. We use batteries to drive the tools we need:

  • A laptop PC - Windows, Linux, Apple, Chromebook, or even iPad or Android tablet
  • A mobile phone

You will host your entire income engine in Europe or the USA, where the electrical supply is stable.

You will build income streams in stable currencies like the US Dollar, the GB pound or the Euro. Every major currency is more durable than the ZAR. If the ZAR drops, our local income in SA rises.

The markets we will target are international, which means we are free of our local economy and crises it faces.

  • No need to worry about electricity supply challenges because the Internet is online 24/7
  • Access to every market on earth without fear of violence or theft
  • No local business presence to invite interference or destruction by criminals or corrupt officials

You will work with me over the next twelve months. We will each assemble our unique version of an International Affiliate Marketing Platform.

Instead of working within the SA economy (the size of a small US city) with all the problems it faces, we can access stable, growing economies hundreds of times bigger than South Africa's. (And we can access all of them at the same time.)

This affiliate marketing approach is not a get-rich scheme. It is a fast growing industry already delivering 12 Billion US Dollars in sales. (2021)

This approach is a solid alternative to solving traditional retirement challenges for South African residents. Most of us small business owners do not yet have a quality income in place for our retirement. Many of us took significant steps back during the past 15 years. Setbacks beyond our control include COVID, ESKOM, and the 2008 banking fiasco.

You will...

➽ Build a website about something you're interested in.

This is not nearly as difficult as you might imagine. We follow a step-by-step plan from zero to hero. This includes finding a core topic that excites you.

➽ Find merchants who want to pay you for prospects who buy their products.

Once we know what excites you, we look for online merchants selling products and services in your genre. Once again, a simple process.

➽ Ask Google to send people wanting solutions in your genre.

Your website acts as a guide, helping a searcher to find a good fit for the problem they face. Google exists to offer 100,000 people per second pages which solve their request.

➽Build an email engine to keep people coming back

As you scale up, you'll want to build your own tribe of interested people. This list is one of the most valuable resources you will ever own.

Your Instructor

Peter Carruthers
Peter Carruthers

CrashProof your Business Book CoverPeter was born in South Africa. After a short stint in Medical School was cut short by a motor accident, he tried computer coding in 1980, before starting his own firm in 1984.

That firm closed in 1992 in the chaotic run up to the 1994 elections which elected Nelson Mandela to the South African Presidency.

After a year of asking questions of other business owners, he began consulting on issues related to business closure. That led to training more than 50,000 small-business owners in the thirty years to 2022.

Peter wrote South Africa's best selling book on surviving small-business closure in 2006.

In 2002 he took his entire business online - seminars, training and consulting.

In 2006 he went walkabout to test how robust the Internet really was. He has lived outside South Africa since 2006, in England, Norway and the Canary Islands.

He has trained more 15,000 small-business owners online since 2002.

All his income has flowed via the Internet since 2002.

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One last statistic

One in every ten ecommerce sales worldwide this year was done via an introduction from an affiliate like you or me. That's a lot of opportunity knocking at your door.

What's holding you back? Email me - [email protected] - if you have any questions.

Finally, this is not financial advice or legal advice. It is an alternative look at an insurmountable problem most of my clients face.

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