How to Build a Lifetime Business Online

I've Earned R120,000/month Online Since 2003. What's Stopping You?

Peter CarruthersIn 1992 I found myself without a job. Again.

I dreamt of a business that I could operate from home with zero costs, no staff, low admin, and zero government interference.

That's the biggest challenge diabetics like me face: We can't get jobs. We're constantly told the medical aid or group insurance doesn't accept diabetics because we tend to die young. That's not the full story. But it's not going to change in my lifetime.

So I have been self-employed since 1984. (My mother still asks me when I plan to get a real job. That's just after she asks me where I would be if I hadn't dropped out of Medical School in my 2nd year.)

In 1995 that business dream became reality. I was too busy to see it.

The Internet went mainstream. Startups like Amazon and Google made their student-owners richer than I could imagine. And, like most of my clients, I felt older and wiser than this fad. I was wrong.

I didn't really "get" the web until December 1999. At the time I was teaching small-business owners how to gracefully prosper even though their businesses were closing. My courses were full but the constant travelling was hard work.

In 1999 I took a 6-month sabbatical in Melbourne, Australia. The family travelled light. I took a tiny laptop PC. I figured we could buy what we needed en route. The first necessity turned out to be a printer. I bought a laser-printer online from a supplier in Sydney one evening. Based on my South African experiences I expected to wait for a week. The unit arrived at 9AM the next morning.

I realised how simple it would be for this firm to ship a container of printers to Durban while duplicating their website with SA pricing. And how fast they would wipe out SA suppliers who thought "fast" meant next week.

I resolved that my entire business would be online as fast as I could make it happen.

My real problem is that I was light on tech skills. The work I did, talking to crowds of small-business owners did not translate into online well. At least not back then with slow lines and limited data at very high prices.

All of this was complicated by trying to pay the bills. In 2002 I was away from home for about 200 days. My marriage did not survive. Nor did my health. I was forced into a new approach.

This course shares how I moved my business online...

Most of the 600 people who have done this course started without a clue about how to make a living online:

  • Stay-at-home Moms with babies or home-schooling their kids,
  • Business owners facing tough times as their prospects dwindled,
  • Older folk facing a bleak retirement,
  • South Africans new to England, America, Australia trying to make ends meet.

Each told me how much this web world intimidated them. Just as I had been intimated at first.

This course demystifies how money flows through the internet...*

I show you how most Internet ventures incur very, very low costs along with zero risks.

Despite the low risks, your online business reaches people all over the world. That frees you from the clutches of your local economy. And frees you from the fluctuations in your local currency.

By the end of this course you will know how to earn decent money from:
  • Affiliate sales systems,
  • Selling anything online via ecommerce websites,
  • Setting up training or support services online,
  • Selling consulting services online...

You will know how to set up payment processes to receive payment for services or products. And you can route that money to any place on earth.

More than that, whatever fears you may have about diving into this online pool will be gone. When you see how simple it can be you will burst out laughing.

The Internet is like a box of Lego bricks

The Internet is like a large box of LEGO® bricks. And building an online income is as simple as assembling a few of these.
  • A website is one such LEGO® brick.
  • As is a credit card payment system.
  • And so is a Google advertising campaign.
  • Or a "platform" (like this one) to teach people...
  • All little LEGO ® bricks, part of a bigger project. Simple, not complex.

(Not too many people want you to know this because they're scared you won't need them any more.)

For instance, you can set up a complete website in 10 minutes. And if you don't want to, you can pay someone $5 to set it up for you.

When you start you don't need any expensive help. When funds flow in feel free to pull in some resources to help you. But, as an example, my entire business running costs come to less than 10% of my income. The web is the cheapest place ever to set up a business.

So, in 2002 I started to read everything I could find about building an online business. I spent lots of dollars buying lots of courses. One memorable 3.2KG manual was all about affiliate systems.

One morning in 2002 I wrote an email during breakfast at the Heads Cafe in Knysna. (Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.) That email shared how this heavy manual had started me down this online track. I inserted an affiliate link.

That link earned me $12,500 that month. From 30 minutes of writing. (That's about R150,000 in todays Rands.) And another R900,000 over the next few years. I still bump into folk that bought the course and who were as impressed as I was.

  • This course does not promote just one method of earning income online. I continue to use a few different approaches. Think LEGO® bricks, remember?
  • This course won't share all the methods I tried. It shares those that worked. Although I am not shy about sharing the mistakes I made and how much they cost.
This course shares the same income engines that offer me the online freedom to live wherever I want to. These are the business models of the online world. Any idea you choose will use a mix of these these proven business models. You won't have to start from scratch.

All my clients are blown away when they see how much opportunity lurks below the surface of the web.

Starting out online differs from starting a firm offline. Testing an online start-up costs nothing. Each new step proves itself first. That takes away all the risk.

Your first efforts in your online venture are invisible. You cannot fail. You either learn or you earn. Both outcomes offer progress. Both nudge you towards a viable online future.

Once you know how to apply these income engines to your own ideas you can quickly build new online income streams.

I originally presented this material over 12 weeks, but this course layout allows you to digest the ideas as fast as you want. Or as slow. You get lifetime access to this material if you enroll into this course.

What you will take away from this course:

Section 1: What I Did to Live Online Since 2003, Including Mistakes and Successes...
Section 2: Developing Working Ideas & Dealing with the Fears...
Section 3: The Web is Full of Interlockable "Blocks" like Lego…
Section 4: How to Build Your Product or Service For Sale Online...
Section 5: How to Build Your Robust Online Platform...
Section 6: Great Online (Re)Marketing...
Section 7: How to Sell Products or Services Online...
Section 8: How to Get Paid Online...
Section 9: This Internet Arena...
Section 10: Google is the Web for Many People...
Section 11: More Free Google essentials, and some Access Solutions…
Session 12: Zen, Time, Future. Dealing with the Noise of the Web...

Full Refund Guarantee

I offer a simple guarantee: Either you're blown away or you get your money back. No questions asked.

Browse through the course content below. Test drive the Lectures marked "Preview". You will see how I present the content

I want to work with you if you're prepared to suck the meat out of this course and focus on earning online. That needs time, patience, and a sense of humour.

Please check out any of the lectures below marked PREVIEW. And enjoy. I'd love to have you take the course with me.

My real problem is that I was light on tech skills. The work I did, talking to crowds of small-business owners did not translate into online well. At least not back then with slow lines and limited data at very high prices.

All of this was complicated by trying to pay the bills. In 2002 I was away from home for about 200 days. My marriage did not survive. Nor did my health. I was forced into a new approach.

I found this course to be mind blowing. Life changing nuggets of gold in terms of how I view and approach any existing or future possible business ideas...

Angus Gray


Your Instructor

Peter Carruthers.
Peter Carruthers.

Peter Carruthers authored the world's best-selling book on surviving small-business closure. He's guided more than 50,000 small-business owners since his first business closed unexpectedly in 1992.

All his training and consulting has been delivered through the Internet since 2004.

During this time he's lived in South Africa, Spain, England, and Norway. (Yeah, he's got massive wanderlust.)

Peter Carruthers has paid his school fees in business – more than once. This course shaves months – if not years – off your personal learning curve. Quite soon you start identifying ways to make money, and the creative juices start flowing. You are also alerted to many of the pitfalls – saving you money and the even more precious commodity of time. This is as much a business management course as it is a practical course on how to make money online.

Ed Richardson, founder Siyathetha Communications

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I have learned a great deal from Peter over many years through various forums and seminars about small business. This course is the result of many years of experience and it shows. You will be blown away by his knowledge and the ease with which he hands it to you.

Geoff Braithwaite

I've done quite a few courses with you and find as always the course packed with real information that actually works, being tried and tested by yourself and not the usual hype/academical stuff. I also prefer the way that you subtly keep motivating your students to reach their goals and potential but not in their face the whole time. Best course I've taken in a long time.

Sue Neumann

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course. You decide when you start and when you finish.
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like. You can keep up with your course via any (and all) the devices you own. Via your PC or laptop (using Windows, OSX or Linux), or your smartphone.
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Full Refund Guarantee

If you're not blown away by what you learn and how we present it we want to refund you in full. Contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

This course focuses on self development as much as learning about technology and I appreciate all the recommendations for useful software and books. Peter's no BS money back guarantee is echoed in his down to earth presentation style and honest desire for me to succeed.

Mark Connelly, Change Management Coach

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