Free POPI Training for Small Business Owners

How to Manage POPI Fallout in Your Business

Did you know that 80% of small businesses fined under UK privacy laws close down fast?

That same fate awaits us SA small-business owners when the Protection of Personal Information Act takes effect on July 1, 2021.

If you own a small business you should know the cost of screwing up:

  1. Fines ranging up to R10 million...
  2. Jail time ranging up to 10 years...
  3. And huge costs to deal with any loss of data.

You have until then to setup "reasonable" safeguards to protect the information you hold from being lost, stolen, or hacked. This new law applies to each person or entity that stores any information about anyone or any entity.

To be honest, nobody really expects to go to jail. But it is an incredibly effective bargaining chip for government to extract much bigger fines. Both are really bad for us small-business owners.

Free Online Training for Small Business Owners

Free POPI Training for Small Business

This course covers everything you can expect from a regular offline orientation seminar costing up to R3000 for a few hours.
  • Except you can unwrap this info at any time
  • And ask questions as you progress.
  • And you don't need to travel further than your PC.
  • And anyone in your firm can enrol for the same price - FREE.

When you've completed this short course, you'll know:

Free POPI Training for Small Business

  • Who this Act applies to,
  • What it covers,
  • Why it is important,
  • What you can ignore,
  • What a data subject is and why this is important,
  • What processing means and how much of it you do,
  • Who is accountable in a small business, and what it will cost,
  • What will happen to email marketing when this Act goes live,
  • What a data breach is and how it will can close your business,
  • Where your weakest links are in complying with this new law.

There is much myth about this POPI Act, especially whether it applies to small business or not.

POPI absolutely does apply to small businesses.

Free POPI Training for Small BusinessAnother myth is that government won't have enough resources to police the Act. Or to check whether your business complies or not. They've solved this by making it self-policing. If you lose data you must report it yourself.

That data loss can be as simple as a stolen laptop. In fact, a stolen laptop is the most common way we lose client info.

Take this free course. You'll be glad you did. And you will know what to do next.

If you think this new POPI law won't apply to you...

Consider what you must report to the Information Regulator.

Free POPI Training for Small BusinessAnything containing or allowing access to customer or employee or supplier data:

  • a lost or stolen laptop/PC,
  • a lost or stolen mobile phone,
  • a lost or stolen memory stick,
  • a lost or stolen backup disk,
  • a compromised password to apps holding data about your customers, employees, or suppliers,
  • and many more...
You must report each event to the Information Regulator. And then you must prove you've complied with the POPI Act.

Failing to prove this leads to immense admin, big fines, and even prison time.

That's on top of the costs of fixing the problem after the event.

About your Presenter

I'm Peter Carruthers.

I've helped more than 50,000 small-business owners prosper despite their business challenges.

This was via thousands of individual consultations and hundreds of live seminars.

I've produced dozens of courses since I took all my business efforts online in 2004 . And presented thousands of live webinars. I still consult each day with individual business owners..

In 2005 I wrote the world's best-selling book on surviving business closure. It's called CrashProof your Business.

The book was the result of closing South Africa's third-most admired IT supplier in 1992. This was in the run-up to the '94 elections when we all feared civil war.

I lost everything. And then some. I came out of the experience with an intense need to find out where I went wrong. And then to share that knowledge.

I have more than 4000 current students online. You're in safe hands.

This free course outlines the problem we small businesses face.

Knowing the problem is the first step toward compliance. (If we don't know what the problems are, how do we know what to solve?)

The solution is more complex:

  • patching all the cracks in our systems to make sure no personal information leaks out,
  • drafting the paperwork so we can prove we took reasonable steps,
  • teaching our staff so they don't do something unexpected,
  • appointing some person to take responsibility when things go wrong,
  • drafting the Policy Manual,
  • adding the PAIA manual to your website...

Get started now!

Still not sure?

Free POPI Training for Small BusinessMore than 1,000 small-business owners have already taken this foundation course.

Every small-business must comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act.

Nearly all the available training is expensive. It's offline, so it needs venues and live presenters. Both are expensive. As is your cost and time to get to those venues.

Almost all prevailing training focuses on bigger firms. They face more complex problems than we do. (And they have much more money to spend on solving them.)

This free online course will show you the obstacles each small business faces. You'll learn enough to make much better choices to resolve your own POPI challenge.

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The Protection of Personal Information Act

Live From July 1, 2021