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Easy Selling #2 - Phone First

A few weeks ago I spoke to a frustrated client. He was en route to his office to do "yet another quote". He complained about the time needed to prepare quotes after each email enquiry. He did not keep track of his conversion rate. He felt that it was one in every five proposals sent. He never...


Easy Sales Approach #1

Right now, while you are reading this, before you read the next paragraph, make a note in your diary to call your biggest client during this past year later today. Not email. Phone. You will call to say thank you for the business. I know it sounds wimpish. But humour me. While you’re at it,...


2 Biggest Marketing & Selling Mistakes Small Businesses Make

In early 1995 I went to a therapist. At the time I counselled people going out of business. Harrowing work because I was a couple of years down that same path, and I could see what was coming for them. Each individual still clung to the optimism I had recently lost. "What am I offering them if...


2 Great Reasons to Not Sign Personal Surety

The REAL pain caused when a business closes is the result of the owner(s) signing sureties. Here is an email I received yesterday... I write this to you since you are in a position to help prevent more of this sort of thing happening. Last night, one of my friends, business partners and...