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Easy Sales Approach #1

Right now, while you are reading this, before you read the next paragraph, make a note in your diary to call your biggest client during this past year later today. Not email. Phone. You will call to say thank you for the business. I know it sounds wimpish. But humour me. While you’re at it,...


2 Biggest Marketing & Selling Mistakes Small Businesses Make

In early 1995 I went to a therapist. At the time I counselled people going out of business. Harrowing work because I was a couple of years down that same path, and I could see what was coming for them. Each individual still clung to the optimism I had recently lost. "What am I offering them if...


2 Great Reasons to Not Sign Personal Surety

The REAL pain caused when a business closes is the result of the owner(s) signing sureties. Here is an email I received yesterday... I write this to you since you are in a position to help prevent more of this sort of thing happening. Last night, one of my friends, business partners and...