There are only two ways to find sales prospects.

  1. Most of use the hunter-gatherer approach. That's like early humans prowling forests to gather nuts and berries and animals. This approach focuses our marketing efforts on finding a constant stream of people to buy from us. Mass advertising tries to do this. But each new prospect is expensive.
  2. Some of us use the farming approach. That's like settling down in one place and growing wheat or raising herds to have a constant flow of food. Direct marketing is like this. It is staying in touch with people who already know us and trust us. Direct marketing is almost free compared to the cost of attracting strangers.

The main reason most ventures fail is simple. The firm runs out of cash. That's because it costs too much to find enough people to buy your wares. That hunter-gather approach does not work well in a drought.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon realised this more than 20 years ago. Back then the average book buyer wasn't worth more than a few dollars to any bookstore. Bookstores did not use any "farming" methods to bring book buyers back.

Bezos realised a regular book buyer was worth much more money. Amazon now gets most of its income from buyers coming back often. Often because they clicked on links in one of the billions of emails Amazon sends each year.

Amazon's genius lies in two places. First, finding new buyers. (Hunter-gathering.) Then, nurturing those newbies into longterm clients. (Farming).

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Peter Carruthers