I have run my own businesses since 1984. That first business effort reached an annual turnover equal to R50 million today. It closed in 1992 as the economy stopped before the 1994 elections...

I built a new business presenting live training seminars to more than 30,000 small business owners from 1995 to 2003...

All my income since 2004 has come through the Internet while flitting between South Africa, England, Spain and Norway...

These sound like completely different ventures. But one simple marketing style connects them all: Direct Marketing. It's the foundation of every truly successful small business.

In my case, I started using snail mail, then fax, and now email.

The technology has changed. The principles have not.

Marketing has two "arms".

  • There is "prospecting", finding new people to buy your products and services. This has always been the most expensive facet. In the old days we trooped from door to door. Then we started advertising to differentiate our products. More recently we use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google AdWords. These need lots of technical expertise. And they cost serious money when you get it wrong.
  • The second arm is "nurturing". This is looking after those people that you know will buy your products and services one day. Direct marketing, using letters or catalogues, was the cheapest way of doing this. And then email arrived. It now costs close to nothing to reach every prospect you know. As often as you want.
My short course on How to Use Email to Sell More to More People course will get you up and running fast.

You will send your first email campaign within three hours of starting the course. (It's only four hours long.) And your first email will be so much better than my first letter back in 1984! (But that built a R50 million business.)

This direct marketing approach has worked for every single business I have seen try it. It's not full of technical gotchas like Adwords or Facebook. It does not need scads of technology. It just works.