Why I Don't Work From Home Any More...

I have worked from home for about 30 years. It's a wonderful dream. But the concept has some drawbacks.

In my case, at least five. Children. They're noisy. And wonderful. Not usually at the same time.

Trying to find a home big enough to accommodate them, and Mrs Carruthers, and me trying to do any work that needed silence, was always interesting.

So, rather than fight it, I looked for a small office close by.

This is the view from that office. And this is at the end of this most recent winter. I worry about global warming, as you do. And I am wary of plastic bags, like you. And even though it is unseasonably warm today, this kind of view sets my creative juices a-bubbling.

This is one of the many small harbours which dot both sides of the Oslo Fjord. It's almost empty because it is still winter. Normally there is still snow and ice this time of year.

One of the yachts houses a delightful young man from Durban and his Finnish girlfriend. On a day like this it's easy to see why.

View from Office Overlooking Leangbukta Harbour

This is why I don't work from home any more.