Cashflow challenges are complex. And very distracting.

My tech support division began to eat cash in my first computer business. National surveys showed our clients ranked our client support as equal to IBM & HP. But the division was losing R400K each month. (In todays money).

My technical director told me the cost was there to stay if we wanted to keep clients happy. My accountant told me it was too high. But he had no ideas on how to fix it.

I snuck into the department one morning. I sat in a corner and listened. At lunchtime I asked the techies to try one small change. It cost us nothing.

Within a month that R400K loss turned into a R400K profit. This solved the cashflow issue. And our clients approval ratings climbed even higher.

Cashflow problems often just need a little insight.

Declining cashflow is a symptom of some deeper problem in your business. The symptom is simple. It's easy to keep hitting on your bank. At least, at first. That's like taking aspirin for transient pain.

But not every pain is the same. A pain in your left leg is not as ominous as a pain in your chest. And a chest pain which keeps coming back is even more serious.

Cashflow is a symptom of something deeper. We must diagnose the deeper problem while holding the pain at bay. And then fix the problem before it closes us down.

That's why I set up our Business Owners Guide to Finding Cash. Cashflow problems cripple a business. Sometimes they look insurmountable. Unless you know how to diagnose the problem.

When you finish this course in six weeks you will know:

  • How to stretch your bank to lend you more when you need it.
  • How to build rock-solid cashflow resources not subject to the whim of a bank manager.
  • How to finance start-ups or new projects with the lowest possible risk.
  • How to grow your personal capital as a business owner.
  • How to stretch your resources by leveraging current relationships.
  • How to slash the cashflow you need while improving the profit.

You will complete this course with new insight into financing your business.

I've worked with more than 30,000 business owners since 1992. Business failure results from one key problem: Cashflow.

It doesn't matter how good your deliverable is. It doesn't matter how profitable your firm is. The day your cashflow dries up is the day you close your doors.

This course is about not running out of cash. You will discover:

  • How to find more finance fast.
  • How to stop bleeding cash.
  • How to stretch your cashflow.
  • How to see cashflow challenges long before they happen.
You will find dozens of practical ideas on how to source funds for your business. Or to source funds to turn your idea into a business start-up.

These ideas aren't rocket science. You will learn new approaches no matter what your level of financial competence. These ideas come from 20 years of study and consultation. They're the result of thousands of queries from business owners facing cashflow crises.

The course consists of:

  • Five live online webinars each Thursday from July 12 to August 9. Each is at 8 PM in the evening to keep it out of your working day. These are to share the major concepts in a way that makes it easy to ask live questions. You don't have to attend these events. The edited videos form part of the course material. They're available for download and review and replay the day after each live event.
  • Lifetime access to 30 lectures containing the recording videos along with extra content. Spreadsheets to forecast cashflows. Resource lists. Soundtracks. Transcripts. Mind maps.
  • Unlimited questions and answers during the live events. Or via email, or via the comments section on every lecture page.
Click here to join the Business Owners Guide to Finding Cash. (I'll even tell you about the small change which took a R400K monthly loss into a R400K monthly profit. If you do any client support you'll instantly see why it slashes costs which others take for granted.)

Your course starts Thursday July 12. You get the Intro price of R997 if you join before then. And I will give you every cent back if you aren't blown away by your new skills and insight within the first 60 days.