Here is a simple reason why saving tax now is important.

Imagine saving R20,319 in tax every year. This is one of the first actions we share in our tax course.

No, this is not about pumping more money into RAs. (Many of our clients don't have enough cash to do that at the end of a year.) We do look at RAs during the course, but using a painless financing method.

Imagine investing your R20,319 savings each year into a simple JSE based investment.

The total payout would be around R 1,926,050. With today's buying power.

This is money you're already giving away in tax each year. So this is pure upside. (Check the bottom of this email if you suspect my calcs.)

I am not a financial advisor. I am a small-business owner like you who hates paying more tax than I should. That's why I teamed up with tax specialist Peter O'Halloran. He has 20 years of tax experience. I have 26 years experience in helping, training and mentoring small-business owners.

The result is a course to help you save tax:

  • Save on annual income tax for the rest of your life and well into retirement.
  • Save on Capital gains Tax when you sell out or buy into a business.
  • Structure your business to leave a whole lot more to your kids.
  • Common-sense tax-saving ideas that any small-business owner can start using right now.

The responses from small-business owners so far:

  • This structure is amazing! Thanks a million for this course. Thanks for producing it in a language that even I can understand.”
  • The money I paid for the course took about 17 minutes to reach payback.”
  • All this value for such a low fee, you over deliver indeed, Sir. The topics covered here will save myself and my business hundreds of thousands this year and the years to come.”
  • “Your Tax course has turned out be a catalyst for change in the way I have done business (played the game) in the past.”
  • “I think the most important thing, especially because tax is so complicated is keeping it simple to understand and I think you doing awesomely there”
  • “I feel that your Tax course so far is worth every cent you asked for it. (More in fact!). It’s practical and to the point.”

Want to save a shedload of money this year? And during your entire business career? And into retirement?

I'm utterly confident you will find real lifetime value from these ideas. If you disagree I will return every cent back with no questions. And you'll still keep lifetime access to the course.
Click here to check out the only Tax Course tailored specifically for South African Small-Business Owners. Start saving right now on the biggest cost you and your business face.

PS I looked for confirmation of these growth numbers.

I used a US calculator in my example because Old Mutual's seemed broken. Old Mutual suggested you'd get R1,146,633,704,160. (That's more than R1 trillion!)

Liberty's calculator
did not work at all. But I kept looking for confirmation, and you can find it at the Compound Interest Calculator. (You'll have to insert the numbers yourself.)